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What is ICampus?

iCampus courses allow students to complete a significant portion of their course work off-campus in an online environment using educational technology over the Internet.

iCampus courses at JJC are offered as Online and Blended courses. All iCampus classes are fully accredited and transferable.

  • Online Courses rely primarily on the use of the iCampus site to facilitate teaching and learning. Students enrolled in an Online Course do not attend class on-campus; however, some Online Courses may require campus visits for exams. New content and class activities in Online Courses are made available throughout the semester; it is not possible to complete Online Courses at your own pace.
  • Blended Courses are taught partially online and partially in a traditional classroom setting. Blended Courses reduce the amount of time spent in class on campus by reserving class time for lectures and other activities and requiring most course work to be completed online.

iCampus, Powered by Canvas

Canvas is an Internet-based, easy-to-use virtual classroom system where students view presentations, read class assignments, submit coursework, and discuss course topics with instructors and fellow students. The iCampus site which is powered by Canvas can be accessed from the JJC web site by clicking the iCampus icon or by visiting https://icampus.instructure.com directly.

iCampus Course Offerings

Prior to registering for an iCampus course, visit the Class Schedules page.  To find iCampus courses click the "Course Type" drop down menu and choose Online or Blended, then click the Search button. If campus visits are required, it will be noted in the course information. iCampus course offerings change each semester.

Getting Started in your iCampus Course

Students who have registered for an iCampus course often ask themselves "What Do I Do Now?" To get started in an iCampus course, students should begin by closely reviewing the Getting Started Information.

Student Orientation to Online Learning

All students participating in an Online course or Blended course must complete the "Student Orientation to Online Learning". Students are only required to complete the full orientation once regardless of how many courses they have registered for. There is no need to retake the full orientation in subsequent semesters.

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