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Veterinary Technology Program Guidelines 

vet tech student with newborn cow 


  1. High school diploma or GED and submission of transcripts.
  2. JJC college application (to be done on-online)
  3. Application to Veterinary Medical Technology Program (on-line or paper)
  4. COMPASS placement test and required developmental courses completed with a grade of "C" or better; students must place above Math 098 or complete Math 098. Or ACT scores of 25 for Math and 23 for English which will supersede the need to take the COMPASS test.
  5. Completion of the following general education courses with a minimum grade of "C": ENG 101, an introductory level Social Science, AGRI 115 or CIS 124 or CIS 126, and BIO 240 (which has a pre-requisite of BIO 149 or BIO 151).
  6. A minimum of 100 hours of veterinary experience which is verified by completion of the "Veterinary Recommendation Form".  Veterinary experience is to be done under supervision of a veterinarian, and can include working, volunteering, or shadowing. Or success completion of LLC 119, Orientation to Veterinary Technology.  This JJC course is only offered in the summer session.  Or successfully completion of Harper College's Veterinary assistant program.  Transcripts from Harper College that verify the certificate completion need to be submitted.
  7. TEAS-V exam completed at JJC's Academic Skills Center.  This exam evaluates math skills, reading comprehension, English, and science proficiency.  There is a fee the exam.  The TEAS exam may be taken once per semester (spring, summer fall) for consideration in the competitive entry process.  If a student chooses to take the exam more than one time per semester, the score of the first exam taken each semester will be used for point consideration.  Scores from other schools will not be used for consideration.  A study guide is available for purchase at www.atitesting.com.  Students may also study from the current study guides available in the JJC library and take TEAS preparation workshops here at JJC.

All prerequisites must be met before becoming eligible for admission into the veterinary medical technology sequence. It also is recommended that the math and/or English developmental courses be completed before starting the general education requirements.

If placement test scores do not place an applicant out of Math 098 and into English 101, then they must complete Math 098 or the prerequisites for English 101 with a grade of "C" or better.

Application Materials

Select one of the important forms listed below which can be printed, completed and sent to the appropriate address.

  1. JJC online application 
    List the major code of AG850 for your major.
  2. Application for the Veterinary Medical Technology program 
    To be completed by applicant. (2014 Admissions Procedure VMTP.pdf)
  3. JJC Transcript Request
    For college(s)/high school(s) previously attended.
  4. JJC Transcript Evaluation Request 
    For college transcripts that need to be evaluated for credit from other colleges.
  5. Veterinarian Recommendation Form
    To be completed by veterinarian who supervised applicant.

For Items 1-5, mail to:
Joliet Junior College
Admissions Office/ Vet Tech
1215 Houbolt Road
Joliet, IL 60431

Withdrawal/Readmission/Reinstatement Policies

Course or Skill Test

  1. Students who earn a grade below "C" in any Veterinary Technology required course are automatically withdrawn from Veterinary Medical Technology Program and AAS degree(AG 500).
  2. Student who withdrawn from any Veterinary Medical Technology required courses are automatically withdrawn from the Veterinary Medical Technology .
  3. Students who earn a grade below "C" in any general education course that is a prerequisite to the next veterinary medical technology sequence course, will not be allowed to continue in the sequence until the prerequisite course is at least "C" level. (Students must follow the re-admission procedure below, if out of the sequence for one semester or longer.)


  1. Students who earn a grade below “C” in any Veterinary Medical Technology required course are automatically withdrawn from the Veterinary Medical Technology Program and AAS degree (AG 500). 
  2. Students who withdraw from any Veterinary Medical Technology required course are automatically withdrawn from the Veterinary Medical Technology Program and AAS degree (AG 500).  To officially drop or withdraw from a course the student must notify the office of registration in writing by completing the add/drop form.  Failure to officially withdraw by the drop date will result in a failing grade(s).
  3. Students may withdrawn from a course and thus the Veterinary Medical Technology Program, regardless of academic standing, for breaching the College's Handbook, the Veterinary Medical Technology Program Handbook, the Student Code of Conduct, the Academic honor code, or a course syllabus requirements. 

Readmission Policies:  

  1. Students who earn a grade below "C" or drop from any required Veterinary Medical Technology Program may request readmission.
  2. Student who are withdrawn for academic reasons can be readmitted only one time.  There is only one opportunity for readmissions throughout the Veterinary Medical Technology Program.

    Exceptions to this policy are limited to the following:

     Students who withdraw passing or complete a Veterinary Technology sequence course with grades of “C” or better and who decide to postpone for a semester or longer (pregnancy, financial, etc.) before continuing with the next Veterinary Technology sequence will be allowed to do so, space permitting, as long as the absence is less than two calendar years. (See Time Limits on Readmission)

  3. When a Veterinary Medical Technology course is failed, that course must be successfully completed before being enrolled in any other VET courses.  Acceptance into the course, and the following sequence of courses, depends on available seats.
  4. Students withdrawn for reasons other than academic performance may be reinstated following the procedures under the Veterinary Medical Technology Program Reinstatement policy below.
  5. Readmission is not guaranteed.

A student who is no longer eligible for readmission, based on the above policies, has the right to appeal for readmission in writing to the Veterinary Medical Technology Admissions Appeal Committee.  All decisions made by the Veterinary Medical Technology Admissions Appeal Committee are final.

Time Limits on Readmission:

Students seeking readmission to the program, following a time lapse of two to three consecutive years, must meet the additional following conditions: 

1.   Retest of all essential skill tests and show entry level proficiency as determined by vet tech faculty.

2.   Complete a medical math test with a score of at least 70%. 

Note: Some additional requirements may be added based on individual needs as a requirement for readmission.  All expenses incurred for reviews and exams will be the responsibility of the student.  

3.   A student seeking readmission, who has been out of the program three years or longer, must start from the beginning of the Program unless approved by the Department Chairperson in cases of extenuating circumstances (i.e. active military duty).  In that event the above two requirements still apply.   

4.   In the event of major course changes, a student will be required to start from the beginning of the Veterinary Medical Technology sequence, regardless of time lapse.  Each case will be evaluated on an individual basis.   The Academic Dean will make the decision on what constitutes a major change. 

Reinstatement Procedure

  A student removed from the Veterinary Medical Technology Program for reasons other than academic failure, or voluntary leave and who wants to be considered for reinstatement must complete the following.  Reinstatement is not guaranteed.

1.   Send a letter requesting reinstatement to the Department Chairperson of the vet tech program.  The letter must include reflections and reason on removal from the program, reasons for reinstatement, and all steps taken toward progress of resolutions.

2.   Complete training &/or meet with professionals in areas appropriate to the individual for student success and improved character.

3.   The Veterinary Medical Technology Admissions Appeal Committee will review all requests and make a decision on a case by case basis.  The committee’s decision is final.  

4.   Readmission is not guaranteed.

Legal Limits for License


Graduates of an accredited program are eligible to take the National Veterinary Technician board examination.

 Applicants should be aware that there are legal limitations for veterinary technician licensure.  Candidates who successfully complete this examination may or may not be issued a license to practice veterinary technology in Illinois.  The Veterinary Technician Committee of the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation reviews all applications.  The following are reasons that may serve as a denial of licensure, but are not intended to be all-inclusive.

•Denied a license permit or privilege of taking an examination by any licensing authority or had a license encumbered in any way.

•Been convicted of a criminal offense in any state or federal court.

•A physical impairment or disability that could interfere with Veterinary Medical Technology.

•An addiction to, or excessive use of alcohol, narcotics or habit-forming drugs.

 •Suffered from, been diagnosed as having or have been treated for any disease or condition regarded as chronic, whether physical, emotional or mental.

Potential applicants with questions concerning any of the above may wish to contact the Department of Professional Regulation in Springfield, Ill. at (217) 785-0800.

A graduate with an AVMA-approved Associate in Applied Science degree in Vet Tech, with the appropriate laboratory animal work experience, may take the American Association Laboratory Animal Science Exam. This exam is administered through Cordova, Tennessee. Call (901) 754-8620 for the most current requirements.

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