Robotic Engineering Challenge for High School Students 

JJC Robotic Challenge contestants 

Joliet Junior College hosts a robotic engineering challenge for high school students. Student teams are invited to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and creative problem solving techniques through an exciting robotic challenge. Student teams design and program their robot to meet the requirements of each challenge. The student-designed robots are constructed from the LEGO ROBOLABTM kit provided to each team on the day of the competition.  NXT Kits will be used for Novice and Expert teams. 

View the contestant instruction manual on robot building (PDF)

About the Challenge

The purpose of the competition is to interest students in engineering, technology and the rapidly growing field of robotics. The LEGO ROBOLABTM System can assist in developing an interest in these technologies. Each LEGO ROBOLABTM System contains a microprocessor-based smart brick that uses sensor information to complete assigned tasks.

JJC provides each team with the necessary computer support and LEGO ROBOLABTM kit components for use during the competition to meet the requirements of each challenge. Each team is given a set time period to complete a given challenge using their newly designed robot system. Teams receive points based on the robot’s effectiveness in completing each challenge. Additionally, teams are asked a series of science and mathematics questions related to the competition to add additional bonus points to their final score. Awards are based on the team’s total point accumulation during the competition.

Teams may enter the competition in one of two categories: Expert or Novice. The 'Expert' and "Novice" team will use Robolab NXT LEGO kits.

Robotic Challenge 2014 FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS

Friday, February 21, 2014 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. T-Building Main Campus

Brief Awards Ceremony in T-1000 Conference Center at 2:15 p.m.

Contact:  Luann DiMonte, Technical Department Specialist (815) 280-2725 or


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