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Instructor, Criminal Justice Studies & Law Enforcement
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Coordinator/Instructor/Criminal Justice Studies & Law Enforcement
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Instructor, Criminal Justice Studies & Law Enforcement
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Law Enforcement 

Group of police cars 

The Associate of Applied Science degree and certificate of achievement in law enforcement at Joliet Junior College was instituted in 1968 at the request of local and state police agencies as a means of providing local, county, and state police officers an opportunity to advance their formal education.

Over time, a secondary purpose of the degree program was developed to provide pre-service students a sound program of study encompassing basic education and professional courses needed to prepare them to transfer into a baccalaureate degree program offered at Illinois institutions of higher education (recommended), or to enter the discipline as a police candidate.

The law enforcement degree offers a broad-based, multi-disciplinary program of study for those seeking to enhance their professional knowledge in the discipline. The degree program consists of a balance of basic general education and professional coursework that provide the educational background demanded by today’s police service. To provide the student with an opportunity to find out what real police work is all about, an internship, served in a local police agency, is a required part of the program.

Professional educators in the discipline are available to guide student learning and to advise students seeking careers in the field.

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