Livestock Judging 


JJC has a nationally competitive livestock judging program. Students with an interest in livestock evaluation have the opportunity to take two credit courses in animal evaluation (Agri 104 & 204). Students are encouraged to participate on the judging team regardless of their prior experience. JJC routinely competes in all nationally sanctioned contests. Students on the judging team are not responsible for any costs associated with travel, lodging, or contest entry fees. Many transfer students that compete on the judging team also participate in livestock evaluation activities at their four-year institution as well. Travel with the team allows students with an interest in livestock to see some of the most progressive and influential purebred and commercial seed-stock operations throughout the country. Employers often comment about the critical thinking, time management, and communication skills that are developed and enhanced through the judging experience. The judging team is also involved in sponsoring and organizing the annual JJC Livestock Judging Contest and several jackpot livestock shows.

Contests Attended

  • National Barrow Show - Austin, MN
  • World Beef Expo - Madison, WI
  • Stockman - Frankfort, IN
  • American Royal - Kansas City, MO
  • North American - Louisville, KY
  • Hoosier Beef Congress - Indianapolis, IN
  • National Western Stock Show - Denver, CO
  • Iowa Beef Expo - DesMoines, IA
  • Houston Stock Show - Houston, TX
  • San Antonio Livestock Expo - San Antonio, TX
  • North Central Meat and Animal Evaluation - Madison, WI

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