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Current Scolarship Winners

The following are scholarships available for students of agriculture. See the Financial Aid scholarships page for information on applying. General scholarships may also be available through the Financial Aid Office. Please contact the department for more information regarding these opportunities.

Agricultural Scholarships

  • Agricultural Marketing Scholarship
    Deadline: May 1
  • Bruce Duzan Memorial Scholarship
    Code: EN188
    Deadline: May 1
  • Carl Johnson Memorial Agricultural Scholarship
    Code: EN500
    Deadline: May 1
  • Carolyn & Dave Cattron Agricultural Education Endowed Scholarship
    Code: EN486
    Deadline: March 1
  • Dewitt & Parke Holland Foundation Scholarship
    Code: AN014
    Deadline: May 1
  • Edward P. Barnard Memorial Scholarship
    Code: EN022
    Deadline: May 1
  • Elmer Skip Lauterbach Scholarship
    Sponsored by the Will-DuPage Service Company
    Deadline: May 1
  • Farm Credit Services Agriculture Scholarship
    Code: AN399
    Deadline: May 1
  • Grain & Feed Association of Illinois Scholarship
    Deadline: November 15
  • John F. Richards Agriculture Scholarship
    Code: AN403
    Deadline: May 1
  • Joliet Junior College Foundation Agriculture Judging Contest Award
    Through the generosity of the Joliet Junior College Foundation
    Code: MS41A
    Deadline: May 1
  • Mark Stewart Memorial Scholarship
    Deadline: May 1
  • Richard & Bernadette Kohl Agriculture Scholarship
    Through the generosity of Mrs. Bernadette Kohl
    Code: AN649
    Deadline: May 1
  • William Eisenbrandt Memorial Agricultural Scholarship
    Code: EN934
    Deadline: May 1

Horticultural Scholarships

  • Ernst Benary of America Scholarship Fund
    Code: EN998
    Deadline: August 15
  • Joseph Anthony Bono Scholarship
    Code: EN887
    Deadline: August 15
  • Cress Creek Garden Club Scholarship
    Through the generosity of the Cress Creek Garden Club
    Code: AN744
    Deadline: May 1
  • Horticulture Memorial Scholarship
    Code: EN346
    Deadline: September 7
  • Illinois Landscape Contractors Association Scholarship
    Deadline: March 1
  • JJC Foundation Horticulture Judging Contest Award
    Code: MS41B
    Deadline: May 1
  • Joliet Junior College Horticulture Scholarship
    Code: EN503
    Deadline: May 1
  • Paul Nichols Memorial Scholarship
    Code: EN628
    Deadline: May 1
  • Tina M. Nootbaar Memorial Scholarship
    Code: EN454
    Deadline: March 15
  • Prestwick Garden Club Scholarship
    Deadline: April 1
  • Melinda F. Ross Memorial Endowed Scholarship
    Code: EN492
    Deadline: February 28
  • Student Horticulture Association Scholarship
    Deadline: April 1
  • Touch of Nature Scholarship
    Code: GS118
    Deadline: April 1
  • John Vondrasek Memorial Turfgrass Scholarship
    Code: EN646
    Deadline: September 1
  • Wadsworth Endowed Scholarship
    Code: EN563
    Deadline: April 1

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