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The Ecological Restoration Project 

Instructor Lee Neary working to restore prairie 

Come join us, as Joliet Junior College continues restoring the campus' natural areas. The ecosystems on campus are remnants of a once vast wilderness of prairie and forest. Most of Illinois' natural areas are being invaded by non-native and opportunistic plant species. Without regular management of these disturbed natural areas many of our remaining native species will go extinct locally!

Ecological restoration is the process of re-establishing native plant communities and ecological processes of energy flow and nutrient cycling until they become self-sustaining. This is your chance to help preserve our local biological diversity.

During a restoration day we explore and discover the subtle changes taking place on the site, admire the seasonal activities of plants and animals, cut and clear non-native vegetation, plant native seeds and root stocks, and take frequent rests to enjoy our accomplishments. You are encouraged to wear boots, long pants, and durable leather gloves. Everyone of all experiences are invited to attend. We provide the training and equipment for enthusiastic volunteers.

For additional information about JJC's restoration project and nature trails contact Andy Neill from the Natural Science Department at (815) 280-2632. We look forward to seeing you!

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