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Philosophy Courses 

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The discipline of philosophy is housed in the English and World Languages department, and the following courses are offered.

Philosophy 101
This course is an introduction to fundamental philosophical issues: ethics, mind-body epistemology problems, philosophy of religion, and determinism vs. freedom.

Philosophy 102
This course is an introduction to the history of philosophy, beginning with the pre-Socratics and concluding with 20th century philosophers. Special emphasis is given to the causal relationships among major philosophers and their systematic philosophies.

Philosophy 103
This is an introductory course in ethical behavior which deals with the general scope of ethics and ethical theories. Attention is given to present-day ethical issues.

Philosophy 104
This course is designed to introduce students to the art and science of reasoning, which has engaged the human mind for millennia, ever since it was formally created by Aristotle. The course will familiarize students with a discipline that is a backbone to every other science and guide them into an arena of rigorous analysis of logical arguments, including the nature and evaluation of deductive and inductive inferences, the language and meaning of formal and informal fallacies, and the role of critical thinking.

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