Faculty Credential Review Procedural Guidelines 

  • The Human Resource office serves as the point of contact for questions concerning historical credential information and when submitting new credentials for review. They are the office of record.

  • A specific packet has been developed for assessment of faculty credentials. The packet includes an official form, Verification of Academic Credentials for College Teaching (VACCT) Form, which must be completed by the department chair and reviewed by the appropriate personnel. This VACCT form establishes a record of review of credentials submitted. The VACCT form is sent through the routing review sequence with the following documentation attached

    a. Salary announcements and Columnar advancements (current employees only)
    b. Copies of licensures/certification
    c. Transcripts from all institutions of higher education attended
    d. Job Description/Position Announcement
    e. Tenure documents
    f. Curriculum Vitae/resume
    g. Letters of professional reference
    h. Application form

    If multiple credentialing is needed the individual credentials application and supporting documentation will be reviewed for more than one level and routed through all appropriate department and division sections. Each chair would review separately the credentials for his/her specific area e.g. a transfer assignment (T) status in an area would cover all non-transfer (N) status and (P) college prep teaching assignments under that area.

  • Division Deans will examine individual credentials packets for compliance with the stated guidelines. Formal meetings will be held with the Department Chair to discuss any inconsistencies on assessment of an individual’s case. The Dean recommendation on an applicant’s credentialing status will be communicated to the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

  • The Vice President of Academic Affairs will review recommendations on the status of the faculty member credentials. Upon approval, a letter originating from the office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs will be sent to the faculty member and copies sent to the department chair and division dean. This letter will provide the faculty member with credential review results related to which discipline(s) he/she is credentialed to provide instruction and will communicate at what level (for-transfer/non-transfer courses) he/she is  credentialed to teach.

    Approved packets and a copy of the letter sent to the faculty member will be routed back to the Human Resource office as an official record. Human Resource staff members will add credential data to the appropriate data repository system(s) and file the credential packet in the individual's employee file using a standardized naming convention.

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