Student Complaint Procedure 


JJC promotes an open educational environment, rich in values and designed to protect the integrity of teaching and learning. In that spirit, the college encourages all students to first direct their complaints and concerns to the faculty, staff, or administrator specifically involved.

The college believes many complaints can be resolved through an open, honest dialogue between the persons involved. In cases where that may not be possible, the JJC Student Complaint Procedure can assist in facilitating a resolution. Other than grade appeal or claim of sexual harassment, a complaint that challenges the decisions or actions of college personnel will be considered under this procedure. Information can be obtained through the Office of the Dean of Students.

Other procedures regarding concerns:

  1. Academic Grade Appeal Concerns: refer to the student grade appeal procedures. For more information contact the academic department dean.
  2. Academic Honor Code Violations: refer to the Office of the Dean of Students or check online for the current procedures here.
  3. Non-Academic Complaints: refers to incidents of unprofessional behavior, harassment, discrimination, and other complaints that are not of an academic grade concern: visit the Office of the Dean of Students or check online for the current procedures here.
  4. Sexual Harassment: refer to Board Policy 2.2.2. Sexual Harassment or visit the Office of the Dean of Students for assistance with forming a complaint.
  5. Americans with Disability Act: refer to Board Policy 8.4.3, Americas with Disability Act or visit the Office of Student Accommodations and Resources.
  6. Affirmative Action: refer to Board Policy 8.4, Equal Employment Opportunity or visit with Office of Human Resources.

Students should make every attempt to pursue concerns in a timely manner and should be reported within 30 calendar days.

Complaints should be filed at the department level to the chairperson or supervisor (see the student handbook quick reference or visit the JJC staff/departmental directory).

  • Forms are available in each department on campus and should be submitted within 30 calendar days of the complaint.
  • Complaints will normally receive a response within 20 calendar days from the time it is received.
  • Unresolved complaints or appeals of resolutions for non-academic matters shall be directed to the Office of the Dean of Students. Those of an academic nature shall be directed to the dean over academic discipline. Cases involving complaints against either of these areas will be referred to the appropriate Vice-President.
  • The final college official reviewing the complaint will respond formally and in writing to the complainant.
  • For complaints involving grade appeals and sexual harassment policies, please see the college catalog or student handbook for proper procedures. Complaints involving matters of a criminal nature, such as theft, battery, etc., should be directed to the JJC Police Department.

Download the Complaint Form (PDF)

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