Joliet Junior College enriches people's lives through affordable, accessible, and quality programs and services. The college provides transfer and career preparation, training and workforce development, and a lifetime of learning to the diverse community it serves.


Joliet Junior College, the nation's first public community college, will be a leader in teaching and learning, and the first choice for post-secondary education.

2012-2015 Strategic plan

Goal 1: Increase student success and completion

We are committed to improving the student experience by increasing access and affordability, strengthening academic programs, providing needed learning facilities, expanding student services and activities, and strengthening programs that support high school students’ readiness for college.

Goal 2: Develop programs that anticipate and respond to labor market demand including the growing number of fields that require an understanding of sustainability

We are committed to offering degrees and certificates that are closely aligned with current and future labor market needs.

Goal 3: Increase and strengthen resource development and utilization

We are committed to pursuing and implementing additional financial resources for the college to account for decreased public funding while continuing to provide excellent learning opportunities.

Goal 4: Address the needs of the growing minority, underrepresented and underprepared student populations

We are committed to supporting services, programs and activities that responds to the growth of diverse and minority population in our district.

Goal 5: Expand the use of technology and sustainable methods

We are committed to developing and advancing technology that meet the growing demands of our global society.

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Core Values

The Joliet Junior College community fosters a caring and friendly environment that embraces diversity and encourages personal growth by promoting the following core values.


The Joliet Junior College community advocates respect for every individual by the demonstration of courtesy and civility in every endeavor. Joliet Junior College celebrates the diversity of our communities and pledges to promote and recognize the strengths as reflected in the employees and students. The belief that no one is more important than another is a routine work practice.


Integrity is an integral component of the common bond among Joliet Junior College community members. Joliet Junior College believes that all staff should demonstrate a professional persona that is responsible, accountable, and ethical. These attributes will manifest themselves in each professional behavior and job duty. From these behaviors, the college community models open, honest, and appropriate communication.


Joliet Junior College is dedicated to the formation and enrichment of collaborative relationships as part of the scholarly process. Joliet Junior College encourages the formation of collaborative partnerships within and with other learning communities. As a community of learners, Joliet Junior College supports the personal and professional growth of all who are jointly committed to the advancement of scholarly endeavors. In turn, the academic process at the college can only strengthen.

Humor & Well-Being:

The staff at Joliet Junior College recognizes humor as a means for collegial well-being and self rejuvenation. Joliet Junior College endorses a healthy environment where creativity, humor, and enjoyment of work are encouraged. The Joliet Junior College community creates a positively balanced organizational culture by taking work seriously and celebrating successes.


Encouraging the pursuit of excellence and innovation drives Joliet Junior College through the 21st century. Joliet Junior College values, respects, and rewards both creative risk-taking and the enthusiastic pursuit of new ideas with foresight. In turn, the Joliet Junior College community must constantly strive to better understand and anticipate the future that it may participate creatively in its design.


Joliet Junior College is dedicated to the quality of its educational programs and services. The college continually appraises and subsequently improves its programs and services. Joliet Junior College distinguishes and promotes educational excellence among practitioners and also is committed to providing quality programs that are both accessible and affordable to Community College District 525..

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