Edward F. Vasil
Manager, Environmental, Health & Safety
Office: L-1008
Phone: (815) 280-2384
E-mail: evasil@jjc.edu

Karin Randolph
Facilities Systems Specialist
Office: L-1002
Phone: (815) 280-2663
E-mail: krandolp@jjc.edu

Fire Protection 

Fireman with a blazing fire in the background 

Although the potential for fire always exists, routine inspections, maintenance and training are effective elements in reducing bodily injury, loss of life and damage to property.

Faculty, staff and students should be knowledgeable of those elements which cause fires and how to eliminate them. Everyone should be aware of basic fire safety regulations and conditions that have the potential to start a fire such as the use of extension cords or space heaters, or the improper storage of chemicals, paint, cleaning supplies, rags, papers, etc.

Routine inspections and maintenance of fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, heat detectors, pull stations and alarms are essential. A copy of the annual fire alarm and sprinkler inspection reports must be sent to the appropriate fire department and to the Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Department. All fire department inspection reports also must be sent to the EHS Department.

Fire Extinguishers

  • All fire extinguishers shall be inspected on a monthly basis by college personnel.
  • Discrepancies such as low pressure, missing parts, or damaged supporting brackets shall be immediately reported to the EHS Department internally at extension x2384 or (815) 280-2384 from Grundy Education Center.
  • Each fire extinguisher shall have unrestricted accessibility.
  • Designated personnel and all sector leaders will be trained regarding the location and use of the fire extinguishers.
  • After any discharge the fire extinguisher must be refilled. Contact the EHS Department internally at extension 2384 or (815) 280-2384 from Grundy Education Center to schedule a fire extinguisher refill.
  • Fire extinguishers are inspected annually by Joliet-TriState.

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