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Emergency Guidelines 

Emergency guidelines 

The basic emergency procedures outlined in this plan are to enhance the protection of lives and property through effective use of college and campus resources. Since an emergency may be sudden and without warning, these procedures are designed to be flexible in order to accommodate contingencies of various types of magnitudes.

These procedures apply to all personnel and to all buildings and grounds owned and operated by Joliet Junior College.

Definition of an Emergency

The designated college official will serve as emergency coordinator until emergency response personnel arrive during any major emergency or disaster.

  • Main Campus: President or designee
  • Romeoville Campus: Associate Dean or designee
  • City Center Campus: Associate Vice President or designee
  • Morris Education Center: Director or designee

The following definitions of an emergency are provided as guidelines to assist the Campus Safety Officer (CSO), sector leaders, and staff in determining the appropriate response:

Minor Emergency

Any incident, potential or actual, which will not seriously affect the overall functional capacity of the college.

Major Emergency

Any incident, potential or actual, which affects the entire building or buildings and which will disrupt the overall operation of the college. Outside emergency services will probably be required as well as major efforts from campus support services. Major policy considerations and decisions will usually be required from the college administration during times of crisis.


Any event or occurrence that has taken place and has seriously impaired or stopped the operations of the college. In some cases, mass personnel casualties and severe property damage may be sustained. A coordinated effort of all campus-wide resources is required to effectively control the situation. Outside emergency services will be essential. In addition, any incident that has the potential for adverse publicity concerning campus resources and/or instrumentalities of the college should be promptly reported to the Communications and External Relations Department at extension x2406.

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