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Astronomy Courses 


For those interested in learning more about the universe, JJC offers two astronomy courses.  Both courses are aimed at non-science majors and no prior science courses are required in order to enroll.

“Descriptive Astronomy” (ASTR 101) covers the solar system, stars, galaxies and the universe.  It includes a historical perspective of how understanding of the universe has progressed over the years. This course is offered during the fall, spring and summer terms.

“Life in the Universe” (PHSCI 125) covers the possibility of finding life in the solar system beyond the Earth and our galaxy, how we search for extraterrestrials and the feasibility of human interstellar travel. Professor Noella Dcruz teaches this course in the fall and spring semesters on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1 to around 2:15 p.m. (Please check class schedule for the exact end time as this varies from one semester to the next.)

For more information about these classes, please contact the Department of Natural Sciences and Physical Education at (815) 280-6682 (NOVA).

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