Using the Machines 


How To Use The Resistant Equipment

The following information is posted on each piece of resistant equipment. Serious injury may occur if struck by weights or other moving parts. You assume risk of injury using this type of equipment.

To help reduce this risk always follow these rules:

  1. Use only in the presence of qualified supervision.
  2. Before using, inspect for loose or worn parts. If in doubt, do not use. Inform supervision.
  3. Make sure pins are fully inserted and locked on all adjustments and weight stack before using. Check throughout use.
  4. If equipment jams, do not attempt to free by yourself. Inform supervision immediately.
  5. Keep head and limbs clear of moving parts at all times. Never lean on or touch equipment you are not using.

How to adjust the machines

The Magnum equipment used at JJC's Total Fitness Center is the best resistant equipment made. There are adjustments on each piece so that you can have a custom fit to your body. It is important to note that before you make any adjustments, the first thing you must do is completely support the piece you are going to adjust.

"T" Popper Pins
Starting point adjustments, range of motion adjustments and some support pads are adjusted with the "T" popper pin. To make adjustments with the "T" popper pin:

  • Support the piece being adjusted with one hand.
  • With the other hand, grasp the "T" knob and pull out.
  • Make the desired adjustment and release the "T" knob, making sure the pin completely engages.

Starting Point

Many of the 24 different stations are equipped with a starting point adjustment. This allows the user to set the starting point of the exercise. Starting points are labeled and indexed with numbers. To adjust a starting point:

  • Support the movement arm by the roller pad.
  • With the other hand, grasp the "T" knob.
  • Make sure the exercise arm locks in place.

Add-On Weight

A feature of the Magnum equipment is that it allows the user to make small increases in resistance. This is achieved through the use of their add-on plate system. At the top of every weight stack there is a short chrome peg. This peg is used to hang 1 1/4, 2 1/2, and 5 pound add-on plates. These plates are available at every station and are stored on chrome posts attached to the machine frame.

Lever Lock

Most seat pad and back pad adjustments are made with a lever lock. To lower a seat or back pad:

  • First support the pad with one hand.
  • With the other hand, press down on the end of the lever lock until it disengages.
  • Lower the pad to the desired position.

The advantage of the lever lock is that it allows you to raise a seat or back pad without touching the lever. To raise a seat or back pad:

  • Simply lift up on it with both hands until the desired height is achieved.
  • Make sure that the lever lock completely engages.

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