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Beach Body

Get ready for those swimsuits and tank tops!  The total body muscle conditioning exercises performed in this class will create buff, tones muscles.

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Pilates is a form of conditioning exercise. Parts of the routine use mat exercises that incorporate balancing strength and stretching throughout the body. Pilates exercises promote core strength (abdomen and back), posture, balance, coordination, and long lean muscles. It utilizes low-end repetitions, breathing techniques, controlled movements, and body awareness. Participants wear socks or are barefoot to classes. Baggy shorts alone should not be worn. Sweat pants or layers of fitted (biking) shorts with comfortable shorts over them are more appropriate.

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In the Spinning program, students climb aboard a Schwinn bicycle, listen to music, and follow a certified instructor's directions for a spin through a workout that will burn about 500 calories. The program uses general exercises combined with heart rate training and motivational techniques. The various cycling positions include standing, sitting, jumping, running, and climbing hills. The spinning program allows people of all ages and levels to take a Schwinn bike and transform it into a powerful work-out vehicle. It really is a unique program and has become very popular.

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Fitness yoga is designed to appeal to mainstream fitness classes. While based on ancient yoga practice, fitness yoga does not adhere to a particular philosophy, religion, or type of meditation. The fitness yoga workout is modern, simple, and systematic. It integrates body and mind for total performance, and is therefore an effective means of achieving body/mind health. Fitness yoga features strength, cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility components using music to enhance the experience. This program is safe, effective and appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.

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