JJC Receives Bronze Rating from AASHE STARS

In June 2015, the Joliet Junior College received a bronze rating from AASHE STARS (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System). Click here to view the specifics of our AASHE STARS certification.

JJC Collects and Recycles 250 Pounds of Pens and Markers

After five years of collecting more than 250 pounds of pens and markers, in February 2016, JJC recycled the massive collection to Terracycle, a company that prides itself on both recycling and upcycling almost any form of waste. In addition, JJC's efforts will also make a social impact: Terracycle rewards its contributors using a point system that equals donations to three charitable organizations: Charity: Water, Carbon Fund, and Eco Schools USA. With 250 pounds of pens and markers in total, JJC will have approximately 2,500 points to give toward a good cause.

Conservation Foundation Honors JJC with Sustainable Development Award

The Conservation Foundation honored Joliet Junior College with a Sustainable Development Award in 2015 to recognize several of the college’s environmentally sustainable features, including its arboretum, natural landscaping and restoration of its savanna, wetland, prairie and forested areas, as well as its LEED greenhouse, low emission parking, and recycling programs.​ To read more about this award, click here.​

Business Practices Team Accomplishments

  1. Recycle more paper – Bookstore now has recycle bins for all extra receipts, flyers, etc.
  2. Green products – Bookstore is carrying a new line of environmentally safe products for staff/students to purchase.
  3. Elimination of Styrofoam cups in cafeteria - Purchasing plastic cups for staff to use in place of Styrofoam/paper cups.
  4. New Bridge/concourse furniture is LEED-certified.
  5. The Bookstore is reducing paper waste by eliminating the large BuyBack flyer and going to a bookmark.​

Communication/External Education Team Accomplishments

  1. Create information clearinghouse for all sustainability news
  2. Create Web site to publicize Sustainability Initiatives Committee

Utilities Conservation/Carbon Reduction Team Accomplishments

  1. Encourage staff members to turn off lights when they leave their offices
  2. Increase task lighting on desks to eliminate over-usage of overhead fluorescent lighting
  3. Installed low-flow aerators in sinks to decrease water usage

Other Accomplishments

  • Food Services and Facility Services are recycling food (vegetable/fruit) compost
  • Facility Services has completed their report on recycling throughout the campuses
  • Bookstore and Food Services are selling reusable mugs and sport bottles
  • Food Services is charging 5 cents for Styrofoam cups for water to discourage "one-time" use of cups and encourage the purchase of reusable cups
  • Green Purchasing – Beginning January 1st all paper mailings will go away for bids, quotes and proposals. All notification will be electronic.

Sustainable Teaching at JJC

Phrases like sustainable living, global warming, and going green are all fast becoming common vernacular in today’s society.

JJC is actively participating in this worldwide dialogue through the recent formation of a committee to address issues of sustainability at the college, while JJC Professor Bill Yarrow is contributing to the cause by making his classes completely paperless.

JJC Master Plan Embraces Green Movement

The new Joliet Junior College master plan has gone green. The plan, which was approved in April by the Board of Trustees, has many sustainable elements and green initiatives that came from recommendations made by the steering committee, natural areas committee, and other members of the college community.

Some of the proposed initiatives include:

  • Green roofs 
  • LEED certification for new buildings
  • Alternative energy used such as solar and geo-thermal
  • Improved lake and storm water management
  • Native, drought resistant plantings