Health Professions Center 

Health Profession Center Map

Completed - Spring 2013


The Health Professions Center will help the college expand the high-demand nursing, allied health, and emergency services programs. In addition to increased academic space and improved equipment, the new building will give the college the opportunity to expand into other allied health fields based on employment needs and labor market demands.

Rendering of Health Professions Building

(Above: Health Professions Center rendering)

Laying the groundwork for future jobs


Since the summer of 2009, fire science and emergency medical services classes at
JJC have been held in two small, temporary trailers located outside G-Building on the
south side of Main Campus. The programs were relocated there when the college’s
40-year-old temporary buildings, where they were previously housed, were torn down to make way for the new Campus Center.

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The trailers provide very limited space for critical aspects of the learning process for
students, such as simulations in which they practice responding to real-life emergencies. There are also no bathrooms in the trailers. But in the new Health Professions Building, scheduled to open for classes in January 2013, there will be a stunning difference in the way EMS and fire science classes are conducted.

“The biggest improvement in the new building that we’re looking forward to is the ability to incorporate simulations into our classes,” said Duane Stonich, fire
science professor.

In addition to their own classrooms and offices, the programs will have dedicated
space for conducting simulations, such as a bathroom where EMS students can
experience caring for hurt or sick patients who fall between the toilet and the tub,
and a simulated ER patient room. In addition, the new building will also include
an apparatus floor with an indoor bay big enough for a fire engine, a dispatch room,
and classrooms with exhaust systems so students can practice fire behavior
experiments safely.

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  • 124,000 square feet
  • Incorporate new and future technologies, especially in simulation centers
  • Create realistic spaces that will advance student learning, including an emergency services apparatus room with space for a fire truck and ambulance
  • Increase offerings for professional development/continuing education
  • Space for Nursing CNA/LPN/RN, Radiologic Technology, CPR/EKG/Phlebotomy, EMS/Fire Science Technology programs
  • Green features such as a roof cistern that captures rainwater for toilet flushing and a ground-based geoexchange system that reduces the heating and cooling load

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