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What is a college master plan?

The campus master plan is a comprehensive document that details the current and future physical needs of Joliet Junior College. The plan is developed by architects and engineers in conjunction with campus and external community representatives. During the process, the physical assets of the college are inventoried and evaluated, including the campuses, buildings, grounds, natural areas, interior finishes, and mechanical equipment. The plan will include proposals that address current space needs, respond to new programs, and prepare for enrollment growth. Future space and program decisions will be made with the master plan in mind.

Why is Joliet Junior College doing a new college master plan?

The Illinois Community College Board requires each college to update their master plan at least every five years. The last master plan was completed in 1999 and updated in 2002. An updated master plan is required for 2007, and besides the physical needs of the college, it also will address issues that were not known in 1999, such as new academic offerings and revised enrollment growth projections.

What is the proposed timeline for the completion of the college master plan?

For specific timeline information, visit the schedule posted on the Master Plan Web site.

Who is Joliet Junior College working with?

After a review of proposals and interviews, the Board of Trustees approved Legat Architects to update the college's 1999 campus master plan. Legat was founded in 1964 and has over 40 years of experience as a full service architecture firm. The firm has provided design services for over 200 schools in the last 10 years. Expertise includes architectural design, sustainable design, planning and programming, life safety, interior design, and moisture protection. For more information on Legat, visit

JJR, a subcontractor of Legat, will be focusing on landscape architecture. JJR is a nationally recognized leader in landscape architecture, planning, urban design, civil engineering and environmental science. For more information, visit

Does the plan include Romeoville Campus, City Center and other sites?

Yes. The campus master plan is comprehensive and includes all JJC educational sites.

Student needs have changed since the campus was built and the last college master plan was done. How will the new plan reflect those changes?

Fulfilling the needs of students is a primary objective of the plan. Not only have their needs changed, but a lot of discussion will go into requirements of students far into the future. Meeting with students and receiving their valuable feedback will help to anticipate current and future needs.

What are the goals of the college master plan?

The Steering Committee discussed this at its first meeting. While many things are listed in the minutes of the first meeting, it was agreed that at least the following should guide the process:

  • Focus on learning and learners
  • Utilize existing space efficiently
  • Prioritize proposed projects
  • Communicate feedback and changes
  • Consider safety and accessibility in all phases/areas
  • Connect the plan to the Strategic Plan and Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP)

How will the master plan be funded?

For more information please see the Funding page.

What will the implementation of the master plan do for the community?

The implementation of the master plan will create high paying jobs in high demand fields. The college estimates that 8,000 jobs will be created from new programs and construction. For example, the construction of a new nursing and allied health building would allow for the expansion of nursing, radiologic technology and other health programs, while adding new programs for physical therapy assistant, dental assistant and dental hygiene.

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