Construction Site Visitation Guidelines 

Site Visits

With ongoing construction activity throughout the Main Campus, the college is aware of the curiosity and excitement from staff, students and visitors to campus. Accordingly, in order to manage construction activities and maintain safety, Gilbane Building Company and the college jointly request that all non-construction personnel remain outside the construction fences and barricades at all times and follow posted signage.

With that in mind, the college will also provide opportunities to take scheduled tours of some of the construction sites to those interested.


  1. All group tours should be cleared through one of the following JJC employees while allowing for maximum notice:
    • Rick Lyman, JJC manager of construction and facility planning, at (815) 280-2212;
    • Pat Van Duyne, Director of facility services, at (815) 280-6696
  2. All groups or individuals interested in touring a site MUST report to the Gilbane Construction trailer office located on Houbolt Road and sign in, receive their proper personal protective safety gear that includes a hardhat and safety glasses, and be evaluated in order to make sure they are dressed in the appropriate clothing described below.
  3. All tours will be coordinated by Gilbane to accommodate the project schedule, to make necessary preparations, and to assure safety precautions are observed.

Gilbane will review the following items with the person requesting the tour:

Number of Visitors

Individual tour groups in non-hazardous area should be limited to no more than 10 persons per tour guide (i.e. A tour of 20 will require at least two tour guides).


Tour groups will be required to wear appropriate clothing (i.e. slacks and low-heeled shoes).


Children under 12 will not be permitted to accompany tours. An adult must accompany each child ages 12 to 15. Only those 18 and older are permitted to work on the project.

Protective Equipment

Hard hats and eyewear will be provided.

Release and Hold Harmless Agreement

Each visitor will be required to sign this form prior to the start of the tour. In the case of children, an adult must sign for them, preferably a parent.

Immediately prior to entering the construction site, all visitors shall be briefed about the need for careful and orderly conduct, including mention of any special hazards, which may be encountered.

Technical and official visitor tours will be conducted in accordance with the above safety precautions. Since technical tours are often conducted through areas of more hazardous work, (Safety plan –Joliet Junior College) Standard Safety Plan 11/04/2008; page 57 of 76 it is recommended that the number of people on such tours be proportionate to the degree of hazard involved.

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