SPCH 101 - Principles of Speech Communication (3 credits)

An introduction to basic human communication principles and skills. The course includes study and practice in interpersonal and public communication. Students will deliver a minimum of three formal presentations.á
Prerequisite - COMPASS placement into ENG 101 or minimum grade "C" in one of the following: ENG 021 and ENG 099; or the EAP course sequence ENG 079 and ENG 089; or ENG 096.

SPCH 102 - Advanced Public Speaking (3 credits)

Designed for students interested in pursuing careers in such fields as administration, education, law, business, journalism, political science, or any field that requires contact with the public. The course will develop more effective speaker-audience communication by emphasizing language, composition, organization, and nonverbal communication.
Prerequisite - SPCH 101

SPCH 106 - Argumentation and Debate (3 credits)

Teaches rudiments of logic, evidence, ethics, and organization as applied to argumentative speaking. Practice given in discussion, debate and other kinds of persuasive speaking.
Prerequisite - SPCH 101

SPCH 111 - Practicum in Intercollegiate Forensics (1 credit)

Designed for students participating extensively in speech activities. Consists of preparation for various speech events, rehearsal for those events and participation in at least two tournaments. Weekend travel is required. One semester hour per semester up to a maximum of three credit hours is allowed. Class schedule is to be arranged.

SPCH 131 - Intro Broadcasting (3 credits)

A beginning course in broadcasting. Emphasis is placed on historical development, media regulation, broadcasting terminology, and career opportunities in the field.

SPCH 202 - Interpersonal Communication (3 credits)

Study of communication theory as it applies to interpersonal relationships. Topics include the communication process, the self as communicator, listening, verbal and nonverbal communication, relationship development and maintenance, and conflict management.
Prerequisite - SPCH.101

SPCH 203 - Small Group Communication (3 credits)

The study of small groups with an emphasis on decision making and problem solving.á A behavioral approach to group communication that includes leadership, interpersonal relationships, communication barriers and conflict resolution.
Prerequisite - SPCH.101

SPCH 204 - Intercultural Communication (3 credits)

This course is a culture-general approach to intercultural communication.á Emphasis is on experiential learning in order to understand and improve intercultural communication at both the domestic and international levels.á Students have the opportunity to improve verbal and nonverbal communication skills with different cultures in the community, and to focus on international communication needs.á Students examine the meaning of ""culture"" and how ""culture"" can affect personal, national, and international understanding and communication, beliefs, and behaviors.

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