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Welcome to the memory board!  A place to share alumni stories and memories. What do you remember most about your time at JJC? Was it the bridge, the barracks, a special teacher, an event that took place? Share your memory today!



I remember most my Hospitality teachers Catherine and Anne. They inspired me to reach for my dreams and obtain them. They encouraged all their students to be the best that we can be and for that I am forever grateful.

Mike Ross - Romeoville, IL


I recall fond memories of our HIM group studies.

Jennifer Jarzyna - Morris, IL



Participating in the annual Web Design Competition and being able to demonstrate and test my web design and development abilities against a community of peers. It is a great community event that is well hosted and great to be a part of. 

Jason Kryst - Plainfield, IL



Student Government, Henry Pillard, the clubs, students, teachers and administration I was able to meet and have contact with daily. Good times-good people. Fond memories of life at JJC. There could not have been a better choice to go anywhere else!

Louis Briick - Joliet, IL



I have many memories, and as time passes, they become more special. Here are a few: Sitting in 'D Mall' on the oversized steps, & being late for classes on a regular basis because we were socializing with all our friends; nearly burning my friend Lewette's scalp while performing a curling iron sales presentation in Salesmanship class with Mr. Teater; entering the elevator with friends, and facing backwards, enduring giggles from fellow other students; Friday night football games at the stadium; making lifelong friends who remain like family to this day!

Diane Sheridan McLelland- Phoenix, AZ



I loved the big tables we could sit at and study and visit with our friends. Mine were "Mona, and Lisa". Watching the Navy band perform (after crossing the bridge) was also cool. And I'll never forget all the times I slipped on the ice and fell, coming from the parking lot in a mad rush to get to class! Majoring in Home Economics/ Interior Design was fun, but now that I'm retired I can finally cook like Paula Deen, and America's Test Kitchen.

Ann Elizabeth (Weber) Allshouse - Crawfordsville, FL


When student government did a concert with Three Dog Night. That one evening changed my life in ways I never thought possible.

Millie Goodman Bessey - Silver City, NM


I will never forget the two years I spent at JJC, especially as a member of the JC Players. I had the privilege of working with two of the best drama and acting teachers/directors in Illinois at that time--Robert Mallary and Roz Stone. I am very happy to hear that the theatre is named for Mr. Mallary. When I was a JC Player, we performed in what I believe was a space that was once used to teach auto repair. Our "stage" was quite flexible--a series of platforms with metal poles that ran underneath them to hold the platforms together. By shifting the platforms, we could do a production in the "round", "3/4" stage or normal stage. On our make shift stages, we did "Cabaret", "Man of La Mancha", "Miss Reardon Drinks A Little", and "The Imaginary Invalid". The theatre that exists now was built a year or two after I left JJC for Illinois State. I remember voicing my displeasure to Mr. Mallary at being unable to perform in the new theatre. Mr. Mallary said to me: "Diane, others will benefit from what we did in here." Well, I don't know about "others", but I not only benefited from what I learned about acting and theatre from Mr. Mallary and Ms.Stone over the years, I continue to do so.

Diane Forbes - Grand Rapids, Michigan


Memories of being the first class to start at the new campus: (None of which bothered me at the time) Houbolt road often simulated a war zone...two lane blacktop with craters everywhere. The brand new barracks (Plywood U) not having any heat for the first semester...usually wore your coats to class. The student union filled with such thing as designated smoking area back then. Loved playing in jazz band with our director Mr. Krause and fellow trumpeter Tom Fox. Keyboard class with Dr. Dillinger. Oh yes the banana cream pie and cup of coffe at 10 am between classes.

John Boyle - Bourbonnais, IL



I remember being a Student Worker for Vera Smith, JJC's first Director of Admissions and Records. I enjoyed working in her department, especially during registration time when it was busy. Vera was very nice and it was a great learning environment. I was going into education and liked the atmosphere at JJC. I was a Freshman at JJC during the last year it was located at Joliet Central High School and then a Sophmore the first year it moved to Houbolt Rd. My memories include the old green buildings and the Student Union with the bell outside. We were in mud and often times the wind was quite gusty. Despite the lack of landscaping and permanent buildings, the new site gave us a sense of pioneering the new JJC and I liked it. Now I work in StAR (Office of Disability Services) in the new Dr. Gena Proulx Campus Center and love it. JJC is a great place to earn a degree and I will always be glad I started my college career here.

Jacque Klika - Joliet, IL



There are a few memories that are hard to forget. The most memorable is Mr Nichol's calculus class. We tried hard not to be singled out for his humor but one afternoon I came close to running him over with my car after class, so knew I would come in for some attention the next day. I let the class know what had happened, and when he told them what happened, they reversed the joke and cheered for me! I think I had the honor of being the last class speaker in the old building. I remember my 'nerves' more than my speech. Mr Thompson's history class brought history to life for me. He fought many wars across the classroom. No one could fall asleep in his classroom. I was the only girl in my analytic geometry class and I fondly remember the look on the males faces as they checked the results and realized that the 'girl' got the only A. One small victory for feminism!

Mary Ann Baskerville - New Zealand



I remember 7 a.m. classes and being the first one to make tracks in the snow on the way to JJC from Manhattan. I remember Mr. Onsgard who taught physics to both me and my dad. I most fondly remember Mr. Puddicombe, Comparative Anatomy, and Students of Medical Science.

Mary Knapp Smirl Knox - Jefferson City, TN



Hanging, with two accomplices, across the main corridor, a huge banner read:  "CRONIN -- Are you? Ask your advisor."  The faculty advisors were swamped with questions regarding the same and didn't know how to respond.  The banner remained up for several days, multiplying the inquiries.  The janitors were in no hurry to take it down.  They were in on the gag and had provided the ladder and sign materials.

Allan Prival - Santa Monica, CA 



I remember our cozy little library and the friendly librarian. I remember the two Ms. Woods. Ms. Woods the English Teacher and Ms. Woods in the Office. I remember decorating (with my friends) one wall for the prom "Evening in Paris." I remember Mr. Adams, my Earth Science teacher. I eventually became an Earth Science major and graduated from Northern Illinois University in 1959. I also have an Art minor which I started at JJC. Sorry, I don't remember my art teacher's name. Mr. Puddicome also had an outstanding Physiology class. I remember Mr. (L) for History. I loved the gym classes. I went overboard. In one year I took Dance Class (Ms. Thorose) twice, Badmitten twice, Archery, and Bowling. I have since been teaching dance at JJC for the last 25 years. And of course Dean Rowley, who became the first President of JJC. Dean Rowley wore many hats. He not only ran JJC, but he was also counselor to all of the students. Oh and the choir of course. The program "Tribute to Irving Berlin." Thank you all for the best school year I ever had.

Linn Eldred - Bolingbrook, Illinois

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