Financial Services

The Financial Services Department supports the college and its stakeholders by providing financial planning, reporting, controls, billing, collections, disbursements, and customer service in support of the missions and goals of Joliet Junior College.

Department Information

The department is led by Jeff Heap, Director and Controller and Jennifer Steffes, Assistant Controller. Contact info for Jeff and Jennifer is below:

Jeff Heap
Director of Financial Services and Controller
Campus Center: A-3018
Phone: (815) 280-2401

Jennifer Steffes
Assistant Controller
Campus Center: A-3019
Phone: (815) 280-2208

See below for more information on the services we provide.

List of Services

  • Student Accounts and Payments

    Our Accounts Receivable function is handled by the Student Accounts and Payments Office (SAPO). SAPO is located on the first floor of our main campus A-building, within the Enrollment Center. Julanne Brooks is our Bursar. Some functions of SAPO are:

    • Tuition Billing
      • Tuition Waiver Processing
    • Accounts Receivable and Collections
    • Payment Plans
    • Refund Processing
    • Delinquent Accounts
    • Other Services
      • Cash Personal Checks
      • Auto Shop Payments
      • Child Care Payments
      • Traffic and Parking Citation Payments

    Contact information for Julanne Brooks is listed below.

    Julanne Brooks
    Bursar, Student Accounts
    Campus Center: A-1025
    Phone: (815) 280-2405
    Fax: (815) 280-6776

    For more information, please visit the SAPO page.

  • Accounts Payable

    Our Accounts Payable department is supported by Amber Burkamper and Shelbi Brown. A/P processes invoices for payment, issues 1099s to vendors and maintains records.

    Download and complete the following form in order to receive payment requests by way of e-check. Save the document using the button provided on the form and email completed, signed form to

    Electronic Funds Transfer Sheet

    Amber Burkamper
    Accounts Payable Clerk
    Campus Center: A-3016
    Phone: 815-280-6727

    Shelbi Brown
    Accounts Payable Clerk
    Campus Center: A-3016
    Phone: 815-280-2260

  • Payroll

    Our Payroll department processes employee pay, stipends, tax payments and other related items. They also process W-2s at year end and maintain employee records. Visit Payroll in order to:

    • Update Direct Deposit information
    • Change payroll deductions or withholdings
    • Set up 403(b) & 457 plans

    Linda Goody is the Manager of Payroll, assisted by Lori Carpenter, Payroll Specialist. Contact information for Linda & Lori is listed below.

    Linda Goody
    Manager, Payroll
    Campus Center: A-3015
    Phone: (815) 280-2333
    Fax: (815) 280-6630

    Lori Carpenter
    Payroll Specialist
    Campus Center: A-3015
    Phone: (815) 280-2426
    Fax: (815) 280-6630

  • Budget & Risk

    The budget office establishes and maintains the college’s operating budget in the general fund. In addition, it has the responsibility for establishing budgets for the special revenue, debt service and capital projects funds as well as the budgets in the auxiliary enterprise, self-insurance and working cash funds.

    The Risk Management function is to minimize risk of financial, physical and reputational loss through the proper identification and assessment of risk, loss prevention, claim management and insurance.

    Judy Bucciferro is the Manager of Budget and Risk. Her contact info is listed below.

    Judy Bucciferro
    Manager of Budget and Risk
    Campus Center: A-3020
    Phone: (815)280-2325

  • Grant/Auxiliary/General Accounting

    Our team of Accountants handle much of our day-to-day business needs. Some of the areas handled by accounting are:

    • Grant monitoring and fiscal reporting
    • General Ledger Maintenance
      • Transfers, budget adjustments and journal entries
    • Assisting various departments with budgets
    • Fixed assets

    Our team of Accountants consists of Paula Swanstrom, Cristine Rodriguez and Tammy Janovyak-Beasley and are led by Mike Zierman, Accounting Manager. Contact info is listed below.

    Mike Zierman
    Accounting Manager
    Campus Center: A-3021
    Phone: (815)280-2323

    Paula Swanstrom
    Accountant II
    Campus Center: A-3019
    Phone: (815)280-2549

    Tammy Janovyak-Beasley
    Accountant I
    Campus Center: A-3019
    Phone: (815)280-6625

    Cristine Rodriguez
    Accountant I
    Campus Center: A-3019
    Phone: (815)280-2575