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Adviser Information 

Dan Warning, Adviser of the Year 

The Senior Leadership Team agrees to allow administrators to serve as club advisors for no more than five contact hours per week.  The amount of hours is contingent with ACA rules and regulations and JJC policies and procedures.  Any such advising must be approved in writing by the supervisor and Dean/Director or Vice President.  Administrators who have a teaching contract during a period when they also seek to work as club advisor may not exceed the five hour per week limit in total.  Thus, if the administrator were teaching a three-hour course, the limit on advising a club would be two hours.

Serving as a club adviser during the day would fall under the provision for administrators who ask to teach during the daytime. The Senior Leadership Team agrees to allow administrators to serve as club advisers during the day with the advanced written permission (A form is located on the JJC portal) of the supervisor. The administrator should indicate how the time would be made up. All advisor positions must be approved by the individual's supervisor and Dean/Director or Vice President.

Any club adviser position that is vacant will be posted for all JJC employees to apply for.

Club adviser responsibilities

  • Lend experience, knowledge and act as a resource person to the club.
  • Encourage students to participate in leadership opportunities.
  • Attend all club meetings and activities.  If an adviser is not available to attend he/she must arrange for a substitute chaperone (see chaperone guidelines in Survival Guide).
  • Accompany and remain in the general location with students on all field trips/conventions they attend.
  • Notify OSA when you as adviser or co-adviser must discontinue your advisor role. 
  • Oversee all finances of the club.  Adviser and one student officer signature, with attached meeting minutes showing vote of use of finances must be on all requests for club expenditures.
  • Maintain records of the clubs meeting minutes and agendas.  These should be submitted monthly by email to by either the club advisor or a student leader.
  • Responsible for monitoring usage of copy machine and postage expenses by club. All posters and printed materials must be approved by an OSA staff member.  If a club makes copies without OSA approval OSA reserves the right to request reprinting of materials, at club expense, of items found with errors (spelling, dates & times, etc.).
  • Make sure someone represents the club's interests at CCC meetings held the 1st Wednesday of each month at 2:30pm in A-1002.
  • Must complete a Club Review Form and a Self-Review of Duties at the end of the year.

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