Finding course equivalencies 


Many colleges offer courses that are equivalent to each other. It is especially important to check course equivalences if you plan to transfer to a four-year institution.

Fortunately there are tools and resources available to help identify possible course equivalencies. However, it is always recommended to check with your intended transfer school to be certain that any courses you plan to take will be accepted as transfer credit into your major.

Students should also seek the assistance of Counselors and Academic Advisors early and often to stay on track to graduate and minimize the risk of taking courses that may not apply to specific majors or programs. Once students have identified both a major and a transfer school, it is best to fully research the graduation requirements for that major and then determine which of the required courses are available at JJC.

Some resources include:

To determine the graduation requirements for specific majors:

Follow this guide to help ensure you will have a smooth transition to your transfer school of choice and minimize the potential loss of credit by avoiding courses that may not apply to your major.

  • Review the course catalog or website of the college or university you plan on transferring to. Obtain the complete list of required courses for your major, including required general education courses, major core requirements and electives allowed.
  • Research the college's policies on transferable credit including maximum hours allowed.
  • Discuss your academic goals with your Academic Adviser or a JJC Counselor to obtain advice on transferable courses for your major. 
  • Find out if you should take specific classes that are prerequisites for other classes you'll need.
  • Determine if there is a foreign language requirement for your major at your school of choice.
  • Utilize to create your own personalized plan.


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