Technology Tutoring 

Click here to download a Technology Tutoring flyer (PDF).

Call 815-280-2261 or visit the Academic Skills Center in A-1138 (Campus Center) to book your appointment.

To be a successful student at JJC, it is important that you check your JJC student email daily, learn how to access information in the myJJC Portal, and understand how to use iCampus (Angel) for your blended and online classes.  Below you will find helpful links directing you to downloadable one-page guides, brief tutorials, and FAQs.  Effective September 2011, the Academic Skills Center will begin offering technology tutoring in the following three areas:

  1. JJC Student Email
  2. myJJC Portal
  3. iCampus (Angel)

JJC Student Email

Students should check their JJC email daily because this is how JJC instructors, staff, and other students will communicate with you.  Your financial aid status and grades are emailed to this account.  Similarly, other college announcements including school/class cancellations, parking and construction updates, etc. are all directed to you via your JJC Student Email.

Click here to view a one-page guide on how to set up your JJC Student Email. (PDF)

Click here to view a one-page guide on how to check your JJC Student Email. (PDF)

Helpful Links:

myJJC Portal

Think of the myJJC Portal as a one-stop shop where you can access your JJC Student Email, iCampus (Angel), and eResources. 

Click here to view a one-page guide on how to use myJJC Portal. (PDF)

Helpful Links:

iCampus (Powered by Angel)

Because many JJC instructors use iCampus for their courses, student must become familiar with this program in order to access exams, quizzes, class assignments, and course information; check course grades; submit homework assignments and projects; and communicate with course instructors and fellow classmates.

Helpful Links:


Click here to download a Technology Tutoring flyer (PDF).

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