Edward F. Vasil
Manager, Environmental, Health & Safety
Office: L-1008
Phone: (815) 280-2384
E-mail: evasil@jjc.edu

Karin Randolph
Facilities Systems Specialist
Office: L-1002
Phone: (815) 280-2663
E-mail: krandolp@jjc.edu

Main Campus 

Main Campus 

Emergency Telephone Numbers

  • On campus: ext. 2911
  • Off-campus: (815) 280-2911
  • 24-hour DISPATCH: (815) 729-9030

Physical Plant:

  • On campus: ext. 2332
  • Off-campus: (815) 280-2332

Fire Protection

  • Main Campus is equipped with modern life-safety systems, including a sprinkler system in the K, T, and V buildings and a standpipe system in the J building; however, that does not necessarily eliminate the possibility of a fire occurring.
  • Smoke detectors, heat detectors are located in various locations throughout Main Campus.
  • T building is equipped with duct detectors. If smoke is detected, the ventilation system will shut down and the fire alarm system will be activated.
  • Main campus will have posted evacuation plans, illuminated exit signs, emergency lights, and any necessary special fire safety equipment.
  • Main Campus is equipped with a Honeywell fire alarm control system with smoke, heat, and duct detectors and manual pull devices.
  • Temporary buildings have internal alarms that are independent of each other or any alarm panels.
  • Audible and visual signaling devices are located in corridors and common areas. Additionally, there are tamper and flow switches to detect problems with the sprinkler system, as well as water flow as a result of a sprinkler discharge.
  • The fire alarm system is directly connected to the Joliet Fire Department (JFD). The system is monitored 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The JJC Campus Police Department is notified via a computer generated alarm when the fire alarm system is activated.
  • When the fire alarm system is triggered, audible and visual signaling devices (strobe lights) will activate. This signals the report of an emergency in the building. Everyone must consider the ringing of any fire alarm as a real emergency and react accordingly. Upon the sounding of the fire alarm, the building must be evacuated as orderly and rapidly as possible.

Fire alarm panel locations:

  • Campus Police Department (G-1013)
  • Mechanical room (T-0121)
  • Inside T-building main entrance (T-0102)

Burglar Alarm System

The burglar alarm system is monitored by the JJC Campus Police Department. Motion detectors are hooked into the alarm system, and if motion is detected after the alarm is set, campus police will be notified.

Public Address System

The public address system is operated by the JJC Campus Police Department. It is used to convey pre-recorded messages in case of tornado watches and tornado warnings, as well as other important messages regarding matters that must be immediately conveyed to the entire campus. The public address system is audible in all Main Campus buildings. There is currently no public address system available in the greenhouses, Cronin schoolhouse, concession stand, fertilizer shed or campus police storage offices.

Emergency Call Boxes

  • A building and B building elevator (interior) (ext. 2173)
  • Between A and B 1st floor (ext. 2086)
  • Between A and B 2nd floor (ext. 2087)
  • D building 1st floor (ext. 2093)
  • D 2nd floor (ext. 2094)
  • D elevator (interior) (ext. 2074)
  • G building 1st floor (ext. 2095)
  • G 2nd floor (ext. 2096)
  • G elevator (interior) (ext. 2070)
  • G women�s locker room (ext. 2635)
  • G women�s locker room (ext. 2169)
  • G women�s locker room (ext. 2075)
  • G men�s locker room (ext. 2033)
  • J building Ground floor by elevators (ext. 2588)v
  • J 1st floor near elevators (ext. 2589)
  • J 2nd floor near elevators (ext. 2590)
  • J 3rd floor near elevators (ext. 2091)
  • J 4th floor near elevators (ext. 2092)
  • J elevator 1(interior) (ext. 2071)
  • J elevator 2 (interior) (ext. 2072)
  • J service elevator (interior) (ext. 2634)
  • T building study area (ext. 2119)
  • T 1st floor at elevator (ext. 2022)
  • T 2nd floor at elevator (ext. 2023)
  • T 1st floor women�s restroom (ext. 2028)
  • T 2nd floor women�s restroom (ext. 2120)
  • T northwest stairwell (ext. 2021)
  • T elevator (ext. 2177)
  • Sauk Valley women�s restroom (ext. 2168)


  • East lot 1, southeast corner (ext. 2038)
  • East lot 1, southwest corner (ext. 2039)
  • East lot 1, center (ext. 2040)
  • East lot 1, northeast corner (ext. 2042)
  • East lot 1, northwest corner (ext. 2041)
  • East lot 2, northwest (ext. 2024)
  • East lot 2, southwest (ext. 2025)
  • East lot 2, southeast (ext. 2026)
  • East lot 2, northeast (ext. 2027)
  • Entrance road (ext. 2077)
  • Athletic fields (ext. 2078)
  • South lot (ext. 7779)

Between these lots:

  • East lots 3 and 4, east end (ext. 2082)
  • East lots 3 and 4, west end (ext. 2083)
  • South lots 1 and 2, north end (ext. 2584)
  • South lots 1 and 2, south end (ext. 2185)
  • North lots 1 and 2, north end (ext. 2180)
  • North lots 1 and 2, south end (ext. 2581)
  • There are 46 emergency call boxes located inside and outside campus buildings.
  • When an emergency call box is activated, the dispatcher from the JJC Campus Police Department will respond and ask for a description of your emergency. Speak clearly into the speaker on the unit and explain your need.
  • The emergency call boxes will be tested monthly by the Campus Safety Officer.

Video Security System

Video cameras are installed throughout the campus and are monitored by the JJC Campus Police Department.

First Aid Kit Locations

  • A-2005, classroom (no brand name)
  • B-1001, child care, (4) (no brand name)
  • C-1001, auto shop, (2) (Johnson & Johnson portable and wall mount)
  • C-1005, manufacturing (no brand name)
  • D-1003, custodial storage (Cintas station)
  • D-1010, office, (2) (Medco portable and no brand name wall mount)
  • E-1001, computer lab (no brand name)
  • E-1032, biology preparation area, (2) (no brand name)
  • E-1036, biology lab preparation area (no brand name)
  • E-2006, classroom (Johnson & Johnson wall mount)
  • E-2007, classroom (Johnson & Johnson wall mount)
  • E-2010, classroom (Johnson & Johnson wall mount)
  • E-2011, classroom (no brand name)
  • E-2018, chemistry preparation area (Johnson & Johnson wall mount)
  • G-1018W, fitness center, (3) (Conney/Medco)
  • G-1013, campus police (Cintas station)
  • G-1002, office (no brand name)
  • H-1014, bridge custodial closet (Cintas station)
  • J-0055, mechanical room by cafeteria (Cintas station)
  • J-1037, counseling (Medco kit #53116)
  • J-2009, tutoring room (Dyna Med kit)
  • J-2025, StAR office (Medco kit)
  • J-2043, copy room (no brand name wall mount)
  • J-2053, VP business services area (Medco portable)
  • J-3015, media (Health Supply Company)
  • J-4006, social and behavioral sciences (no brand name)
  • K-0011, classroom (Cintas station)
  • T-0123, custodial closet (Cintas station)
  • T-1050, classroom (no brand name)
  • T-1053, office (no brand name)
  • T-1070, technical offices (no brand name)
  • T-bldg, CIOS dept (Medco Prof. portable)
  • T-bldg, CIOS dept (no brand name stationary)
  • V-1027, dog kennel area (Conney Contractors kit)
  • V-1032, vet/tech pharmacy (Medco Professional)
  • V-1032, vet/tech pharmacy (Premium bandage assortment)
  • V-1037, vet/tech kitchen (Acme home/office/auto)
  • Substation C (Cintas station)
  • Boiler House office (Cintas station)
  • Greenhouse, (2) (Medco kit #53116)
  • Highland 116, physical plant (Cintas station)
  • Kaskaskia 106, health care/fire science office (AFASSCO kit)
  • Kishwaukee building, receiving (no brand name)
  • Kishwaukee building, maintenance shop (Cintas station)
  • Sauk Valley, grounds shop (Cintas station)

Safety Device Locations


  • G-1018, fitness center
  • G-1013, campus police
  • J-1056, 1st floor by elevators
  • J-4051, 4th floor by elevators
  • J-0037, cafeteria
  • B-1007, outside child care
  • T-0158, food court area

It is the responsibility of the Campus Police Department to ensure monthly that the AED units are in operating condition.

Emergency stretcher locations

  • C-1022B, elevator room
  • J-0032, preparation/time clock room
  • J-1012, bookstore storage area

Eye wash station locations

  • A-1031, custodial closet in men's restroom
  • C-1001, auto shop
  • C-1005, machine shop
  • C-1028, custodial closet in men's east restroom
  • C-1072, custodial closet in men's west restroom
  • C-2048, custodial closet in men's east restroom
  • C-2058, custodial closet in men's west restroom
  • D-1003, custodial closet in D entrance area
  • E-1003, biology Lab
  • E-1005, biology Lab
  • E-1008, biology Lab
  • E-1014, custodial closet in men's east restroom
  • E-1058, custodial closet in men's west restroom
  • E-2010, chemistry lab
  • E-2011, chemistry lab
  • E-2026, custodial closet in men's east restroom
  • E-2037, custodial closet in men's west restroom
  • G-1016, campus police squad room
  • G-1044, custodial closet by men's restroom
  • J-0052, custodial closet in men's restroom
  • J-1016, custodial closet by freight elevator
  • J-1063, custodial closet in men's restroom
  • J-2019, custodial closet by freight elevator
  • J-2061, custodial closet in men's restroom
  • J-3044, custodial closet in men's restroom
  • J-4056, custodial closet in men's restroom
  • K-2019, mechanical/storage room
  • SV-108, grounds repair shop
  • T-1021, tech lab in northwest corner (portable)
  • V-1005, welding lab
  • V-1018, vet lab
  • V-1032, pharmacy area

Safety shower locations

  • E-1005, biology lab
  • E-1006, biology lab
  • E-1008, biology lab
  • E-2006, chemistry lab
  • E-2007, chemistry lab
  • E-2010, chemistry lab
  • E-2011, chemistry lab
  • E-2021, chemistry prep by 2010/2006
  • SV-108, grounds repair shop
  • V-1005, welding lab
  • V-1018, vet lab

Fire blanket locations

  • C-1006, metallurgy lab
  • E-1003, biology lab
  • E-2006, chemistry lab
  • E-2007, chemistry lab
  • E-2008, chemistry lab/classroom
  • E-2010, chemistry lab
  • E-2011, chemistry lab
  • E-2017, physics storage

Fire hose locations

  • H-1009, east hallway on bridge
  • J-0018, east-west hallway between kitchen
  • J-1008, east-west hallway along bookstore
  • J-1022, east-west hallway along cafeteria
  • J-2016, east-west hallway by J-2004
  • J-2032, hallway outside of administration offices
  • J-3002, library area
  • J-3029, library


Flashlights are located in each fire hose compartment located in the J Building, on the bridge, and in physical plant (Highland Building).

Fire pull locations

  • A-2013, stairwell off concourse
  • B-1001, child care center
  • B-1007, entrance/hallway
  • B-1018, hallway south of child care
  • BLHS, boiler house
  • C-1022, north-south hallway to auto shop
  • C-1075, concourse by stairwell
  • C-2044, north-south hallway by east restroom
  • E-2030, stairwell off concourse
  • F-1004, concourse
  • G-1018E, fitness center east
  • G-1041, north-south hallway outside restrooms
  • G-1049, hallway at photo wall
  • G-1050, area between rooms G-1018E
  • HI-101, hallway in Highland Building
  • J-1020, north-south hallway on east end
  • J-2058, north-south hallway by restrooms
  • K-0016, east-west hallway with ramp
  • K-0019, stairwell via K-0008
  • K-1007, north-west hallway to K-1002B
  • K-1010, theatre lobby
  • K-2020, east-west hallway to K-2001
  • K-2023, east-west hallway to suite
  • KK-114, entrance/reception area
  • KW-113, storage/mail slot area
  • RL-103, athletic weight room
  • SV-101, grounds shop
  • SV-107, north-south hallway to restroom
  • Substation C
  • T-0201, stairwell north-east corner
  • V-0114, hallway from outside entrances
  • V-1005, welding lab
  • V-1021, vet lab
  • WB-101, main storage area

Emergency light locations

  • A-1029, stairwell by men�s restroom
  • C-1007, CNC/computer lab (3-Metrolite)
  • C-1008, HVAC lab
  • E-2021, chemistry prep. by 2001/2006
  • J-3016, media main office
  • HI-101, hallway in Highland Building
  • KK-114, entry way/reception area
  • KW-105, north-south hallway from superintendent office
  • KW-121, carpentry shop
  • RL-103, athletic weight room
  • SV-107, north-west to restrooms
  • T-0204, south-east stairwell by restrooms
  • V-0101, ramp/hallway to C Building
  • V-2029, mechanical penthouse

It is the responsibility of the Maintenance Department to ensure monthly that the emergency lights located throughout the buildings are in operating condition.

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