President's Diversity Advisory Council

Natalie Clark Maggitt, Co-Chair
Manager, Employment, Diversity and Talent Development
Phone: (815) 280-2427

Michelle Roman-Garcia, Co-Chair
Director, Multicultural Student Affairs
Phone: (815) 280-6680

President's Diversity Advisory Council

Diversity Advisory Council members

The mission of this group will be to provide a coordinating function for diversity groups and issues on campus including serving as a clearinghouse for information and acting as a champion for diversity.

The objectives of the council will align most closely with the following strategic goals and will focus on both employees and students.

  1. Improve student success with an emphasis on enrollment, retention, graduation, transfer rates, and effective teaching and learning outcomes
  2. Improve success of minority, underrepresented, and underprepared student populations in addition to closing the gap between high school and college performance
  3. To bring the voice of the employee into the council and to act as a catalyst in building a more diverse work environment
  4. Improve workplace equality: an environment in which every individual has an equal opportunity to perform, develop, and advance

Current Sub Committees

  • Communications - subcommittee members will update the JJC campuses and surrounding communities on an ongoing basis  about diversity issues and events via email and other printed media. 
  • Safe Zone Programs - are Gay, Lesbian, or Whatever (GLOW) awareness and support programs designed to improve campus climate for this underrepresented community. These programs have been implemented successfully at numerous college campuses across the country, with each campus tailioring the programs to meet their specific needs. The subcommittee will be focusing on providing information and training about GLOW students and issues, as well as instituting a safezone program on campus.- View update (PDF)
  • Inclusion Plan - View plan (PDF)

Current Members